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Coming home from a long hard day of teaching English to kids that would rather be texting wouldn’t be so bad if you had some teen schoolgirls accompanying you. This cute teen is Brooke Marks. She has a killer body like most coeds her age. I am so glad she is using it for something instead of just wasting it… like most coeds her age!


Being a good little girl she is a bit coy about nudity. If you join her site though you can make special requests of her during her live web cam shows. From what I’ve seen they can be a little "everything goes". Including her clothes!

Brooke likes to dress up in all of the outfits your respective other wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. She is fun and super chatty with her members. Come to think of it, it doesn’t matter where you work – coming home to Brooke Marks is bound to leave you with that "ahhhhhh" feeling you get when teen schoolgirls are around!

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I know my blog is primarily about teen schoolgirls, but I am not one to turn away a girl in uniform. Today’s girl is Emily from Karen’s Bitches and her uniform is that of a girl scout. A sexy girl scout!

As you have probably already deduced, Karen’s Bitches finds cute girl next door types and puts them in stuff you might have seen the girl next door wearing. The rest is up to you!

Me? Well, personally I wouldn’t bang a girl scout, unless she was 18 years old… I mean who wants to bang a 20 year old girl scout anyway? Hardy-har-har… Emily is from girl scout troop 420 so we already have something in common. Add that to the fact that we both like to get high and then fuck like rabbits and I guess you could say we are a match made in heaven… or… yeah…

Each one of Karen’s Bitches does several photo sets and some also do several videos. The girls are interviewed in some videos so you get to know intimate things about them like: how old they were when they first learned masturbation was fun, or have you ever kissed another girl?

The membership also includes access to several other sites including several solo models. Nudity in the network ranges from nonnude with lots of panty shots to full nudity. This network is definitely a fun network for guys into being teased… Another thing Emily and I have in common!

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