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Growing up Brooke Adams was always a hungry student. Over time her hunger for knowledge was replaced with a hunger for hard and meaty cock. Her piano teach had one such cock and Brooke made a bet with a friend of hers about who would be the first one to suck it.

Looks like Brooke is winning this round!

Finally, someone has built us a site totally devoted to barely legal girls having sex with older men. There are dozens of hot teen schoolgirls at Fresh Out of High School and they add another one every week. Being part of a large network means you also get updates from the other sites that come in multiple times a day!

Check out this free teen schoolgirl video!

Fresh Out of High School is where the good girls go to do bad things!

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I am starting this one out with the video and some screen shots below. While I love this site, I am not totally sold on the name. But hey, I gotta give the guy some credit. He is creating some awesome teen porn, but he is just a bit giddy about it. Smack My Bitch? Yeah… I know… Too much Max Payne for this guy I guess!

Anyway… This video in particular is good at letting you know what this site is all about. Hot teen sex with a lot of role playing complete with sets and costumes. You almost feel like you are banging your old high school flame!






I will tell you what, this girls next family reunion is going to be quite awkward. Lots of uncomfortable stares from cousins that say this video and what to bang her tight little asshole! Shit, even some stares from a few uncles and maybe even grandpa!

Smack My Bitch is growing fast. Kind of like your hardon!

The site has over 300 videos and over 170 models. Everything is shot in HD from the pics to the teen sex movies. Everything from solo girl masturbation to lesbians to group sex is covered!

Smack My Bitch updates 3 times a week and adds a new girl each week. Many girls come back for more abuse. There is no digital rights management so you can download all you want and watch it even after you cancel your membership!

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Taylor True is a hot solo model with a kicking body. Her girl next door looks and homely appearance are a huge plus as it makes it seem like you actually have a chance with her!

As with most homebodies, Taylor True has a naughty streak. She didn’t get as much sex in high school as she had hoped for so she developed some pretty fascinating masturbation techniques. In her members area she shoves that bottle of wine where the sun don’t shine!

TaylorTrue.com updates five times a week with photos, a blog entry, a video, a web cam show and a candid video for the weekend. Plus, Taylor is part of a large web cam network so you can see her friends naked too!

It is time to study with teen schoolgirl Taylor True!

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Get ready for a double-dose of teen schoolgirls. By herself Gigi Spice is enough of a sprite teenager to raise the blood pressure in your penis to red line levels. Adding in her upperclassmen friend is like an atom bomb going off in your pants!

Gigi Spice updates her site weekly and in this episode she has a friend of hers from school over and teach her a few things. To get into this clic a girl has to know how to make her friends happy… if ya know what I mean!


With your membership to Gigi Spice you get a Latin Teen Pass. What is that? Your key to Latina solo model pussy, that’s what!

Enjoy dozens more schoolgirl galleries and videos in the network. All of the content is shot exclusively and the network features daily updates!

Feed these hungry schoolgirls your cock at Latin Teen Pass!

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It is hard to believe that Tiny Tabby isn’t jailbait. I mean, I know girls in middle school more developed (and taller!) than this little cutie is. Of course this "little" problem of Tabby’s is perfect for us. When she dresses up like a teen schoolgirl it doesn’t require a stretch of the imagination to believe she really is one!

Tiny Tabby is part of the Tiny Teen Pass network. She has a lot of friends and she gives you access to all of them. Jeez, I wish all of the girls I knew in school were this easy about sharing! LOL

Tabby updates her site weekly and so do her 20+ friends. So each day you have several network updates waiting for you. Along with the solo model sites there are also multi-model sites too!


Oh, you bad girl, you! Looks like somebody needs a spanking. After you are done cracking that ass with your ruler you can pull those panties down and see just how wet Tiny Tabby gets when spankings are in order!


Don’t you just love booty socks on a teen schoolgirl?


Uh oh! Looks like the schoolgirl has become the headmaster!

Tiny Tabby and the Tiny Teen Pass are God’s gift to men with a teen schoolgirl fetish. It isn’t becoming to not accept a gift from anyone, so grab a pass for just $1 and try the network on for size!

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There are a lot of sites out there with teen schoolgirls. Well, women in schoolgirl uniforms… I hate that kind of shit myself. Then again, I don’t mind seeing MILF dress up as naughty schoolgirls, in fact, I kind of like it. Just so long as their site doesn’t tell me they are 18 or 19 years old when they are obviously over 30!

With Emily 18 you get a genuine article. She started modeling just days after her 18th birthday and back then she looked like jailbait. Not barely legal, I mean total jailbait!

Since then not a whole lot has changed. Sure, she has aged five years, but when she was 18 years old Emily looked like a freshman in high school. Now she looks like she is a freshman in college. Still totally fuckable!

So when Emily 18 puts on a schoolgirl outfit you can believe what you are seeing. She is a real schoolgirl!


I just love this photo. It so reminds me of some good times from my past. Like when you go to a buddies house and his sister has a crush on you. She gets into positions like this knowing you are going to look at that cute little ass of hers. While you are masturbating about that cute butt all night long she is masturbating at the thought of you jacking your cock to thoughts of her! It is a vicious circle!


Right about now is when her brother gets jealous and tells her to stop being such a slut. It is perfect actually because it opens the door for you to come back in later and console her. Tell her she is anything but a slut! Tell her that she is actually quite beautiful and beautiful people don’t have to whore themselves out. Her brother is just a hater… that’s all!


After a while she might let you see those small tits of hers. If you play your cards right she might even let you taste her puffy nipples!


OK… Let’s be real here. She accidentally shows you her ass, but the reality of it is she wasn’t wearing a thong. No, instead she rolled her panties in on themselves to look like a thong. Either way you got to see way more flesh than her mommy intended for anyone to see!

Emily18.com is a barely legal, jailbait, schoolgirl, print cotton panty, teasing, small tits fantasy come true. She updates her site two to three times a week and has been open for years. This set is from her third year. If you think she looks like a cutie here, wait until you see what she looked like two years before this!

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When you think teen schoolgirl you probably think of some petite girl with a crush on her teacher. She is probably a good girl with hopes of marrying a doctor and living in a big house somewhere. Heck, she might even become a doctor herself!

But even a good little schoolgirl like Abby Lexus needs to get good grades if she is going to get what she wants out of life and good grades don’t come cheap. You either have to put in a good deal of school work or you have to suck your teachers cock and offer him your tight little schoolgirl pussy. Since Abby is allergic to schoolwork she went straight to blowing her teachers cock!

There are almost 1000 girls to choose from at Nubiles.net. My favorites are the teen schoolgirls that put out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a good teasing every now and then from the softcore girls too!

Nubiles adds three new models a week and adds three new updates a day. Each girl does several videos, several photo sets and one of the girls added each week does hardcore. Abby Lexus is one hell of a catch!

You can search the entire catalog of updates at Nubiles using multiple criteria like schoolgirls, doing hardcore with red hair. Bamb! You instantly have 28 girls in 120 scenes to look at! Pretty fucking sweet if you ask me!

Take the Nubiles.net tour and check out the student bodies for yourself!

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I don’t know how much you follow Asian porn, but there seems to be one theme that all sites follow… Hairy pussies. Personally I don’t like dental floss down there. I like my Japanese school girl pussy to be nice and smooth!

G-Queen was one of the first (truly) Japanese porn sites to feature hot Asian girls with no pussy hair. Not only that, their videos are uncensored so you don’t have them fuzzy squares covering up all of the good parts!


The site deals with more than just Japanese schoolgirls. It also features niches like Cosplay, Kimonos, Micro-kinis, one piece bathing suits, babydolls, cheerleaders, shaving and more!

Videos are hardcore, softcore and girl on girl. Guys, you won’t find a better place for watching Japanese schoolgirls kissing, rubbing and sexing on each other!

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What is it about really big shoes and really shorts skirts on teen schoolgirls that makes us so fucking horny? While some girls might have trouble pulling this look off, Teen Kasia has this shit down! I’m talking down!

With blonde hair and blue eyes that could melt a solid block of ice Teen Kasia is already smoking hot. Put some argyle socks, a short skirt and those pumped up kicks on her though and say goodbye to life on Earth as we know it. Global warming? It starts right here!

If you think she looks hot in pictures, click to see the teen schoolgirl video!


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When you think of teen schoolgirls you probably think of solo models like Emily 18 or Selina 18, but there are plenty of hardcore sites like Schoolgirl Internal featuring schoolgirls willing to go that extra mile in order to earn some extra credit!

Schoolgirl Internal started as a fan site. A guy created it as homage to his favorite pastime, fucking teen schoolgirls. He developed a following and soon started shooting videos every week. One thing lead to another and eventually he partnered with a large network of sites, all developed by guys just like him!

These aren’t cookie cutter, bullshit sites. They are created by passionate fans of their own niche. Arguably the MOST passionate fans of their respective niches!

So when you are ready to see what a guy like you can accomplish when it comes to banging hot schoolgirls, give Schoolgirl Internal a whirl! You will be glad you did!

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Jesus! Do teen schoolgirls really wear outfits like that above to school these days? How do I enroll? Well, you take the FDAU University tour and click the join link, that’s how!

FDAU University is the brain-child of Phil Flash. He is one of the top teen, upskirt, panties, schoolgirls, all-things-teen photographers in the world! One look at Makenzie above and I am inclined to believe that claim!

This site hits on dozens of niches. Everything from barely legal teens to toe sucking is included! The girls are categorized into different classes where the freshmen mostly do nonnude, teasing stuff, sophomores go topless and love to show off their camel toe panties, juniors get naughty and nude….


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When girls go to college they are introduced to new things. A lot of girls fool around in high school with things like practicing kissing or trading masturbation techniques, but in college they take things to the next level. Every college girl knows the best time they will ever have is going to happen with a trusted girlfriend in college. Their bodies are at their peak and their mind is open to anything!

Jordan Capri and Tawnee Stone started out as classmates and blossomed into bisexual dorm-buddies. Things started out all nice and innocent. They showed each other their panties and stuff. Both knew this was just a ploy to get inside those panties!


The school girls traded kisses and things really started heating up. Both of them could feel their panties getting wet. Jordan Capri tried super hard not to masturbate in front of her new friend, but she was having a hard time of it!


Jordan asked Tawnee if her nipples were still puffy from growing in and she told her to have a look for herself. Since Tawnee was a late bloomer her perky boobies still had swollen nipples. At this stage they can be super sensitive!


Jordan couldn’t help herself, she had to have a taste of those swollen nubbins! Tawnee could feel her pussy getting super wet and her clit hurt it was so engorged with blood and lust! She hoped this girl wasn’t a tease because she could really use a good pussy licking!


Jordan was a bit surprised at how wet Tawnee’s panties were. Had she done that to her? Now she felt bad. How could she turn a girl on like that and leave her high and dry (so to speak)? Jordan knew exactly what this girl needed and she was determined to give it to her!


When Jordan suggested they both get naked and let nature takes it’s course Tawnee gave her a surprised look. Then she chuckled, letting Jordan off the hook. She almost thought Tawnee didn’t want this as bad as she did! LOL

The girls of Lightspeed University are known all over the world. Started in 2004 the University has seen MANY girls come through its doors. They’ve also cum in the dorm rooms. You can watch them with your password to Jordan Capri or Tawnee Stone! Take a tour, or both, and see what Lightspeed has in store for you!

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